Where We Stand

Hospital prices in the State of Indiana are the sixth highest in the nation. Hoosiers pay twice as much as Michigan residents for their hospital care.

Higher hospital costs mean lower wages for Hoosiers.

Hoosiers for Affordable Healthcare seeks legislative health care reforms to create a better and less costly health care system for ALL Hoosiers across the state.

There is no reason why Hoosiers should be paying outrageous rates that far exceed the national average cost of care. In many cases, individuals will receive care at a hospital unaware of what they are going to pay! Hoosiers for Affordable Healthcare advocates for policies to develop price transparency, which will lead to less hidden fees and lower costs overall.

Following a successful advocacy effort by Hoosiers for Affordable Healthcare, Governor Eric Holcomb and legislative leaders made the crucial first steps during the 2020 legislative session by passing and signing into law “House Enrolled Act 1004, Health Matters” and “Senate Enrolled Act 5, Health Provider Contracts”. Both bills focus on surprise billing, good faith estimates, and eliminating gag clauses on price disclosure. These legislative accomplishments mark a milestone for Hoosier families and employees receiving medical care in our state. Although this is a crucial first step to affordable care, there is more work to be done. Hoosier policy makers and executive branch leaders MUST continue to pass legislation that addresses the inordinately and inexplicably high cost of hospital care in Indiana.

Source: 2022 RAND study.

Fast Facts:

  • Prices paid by Hoosiers at hospital facilities in Indiana are 97.2% higher than prices paid by residents in Michigan for the same services and are the 6th highest prices by state in the country.
  • 90% of Hoosiers support requiring hospitals to publish all of their prices publicly in a user-friendly format.
  • 83% of Hoosiers support reforms to lower hospital prices to be comparable to other states.
  • 83% of Hoosiers oppose hospitals charging 200-400% more for services than the Medicare reimbursement rate for those same services.
  • 93% of Hoosiers oppose the practice of hospitals billing services at non-hospital facilities at the more expensive hospital rate.
  • 75% of voters are likely to elect a state legislator who supports reforms to lower hospital prices, and when reminded that Indiana’s hospital prices are twice as high as Michigan’s, that number jumps to 81%.

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